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We combine dreamy aesthetics with strategy-based design to capture attention and convert your website lurkers into leads, with ease.

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Stunning + Strategic Websites That Score You More Design Clients

Online, attention spans are short—like, “blink and they’re gone” short. So first impressions matter, a lot. 

That’s why our website layouts are more gorgeous than a de Gournay wallpaper (well, almost!).

But you need more than swoon-worthy visuals to clinch clients. You need smart, responsive design that not only enchants your web visitors—but turns them into “I’m dying to work with you!” leads. 

You get both at Girlboss Designer (can we get an “oh yes!”?). 

Steal our client-tested, step-by-step website launch process:

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Get a DIY website that doesn’t look DIY(psst, we won’t tell if you won’t). 

Browse our collection of stunning website templates, all specifically designed with interior designers in mind. We understand your needs, your variety of services, and your business goals—so our tailored templates are “plug n’ play” at its easiest and breeziest. 

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We sweat the small stuff to ensure each aspect of your online presence—your logo, your layout, your typography—reflects your design brilliance and business acumen.

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 eager to make an impactful first impression on high-spending clients from the get-go.

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Interior Designer


I'm an

Interior Designer

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I’m Kristin Richards

The decorating-obsessed owner behind Girlboss Designer.

Here at GBD I help interior designers stand out online so they can snag more of their dream clients, and build a business—and life—that they love. 

If I could choose any other career, it would be interior design—and that’s why I totally “click” with interior design professionals. I’m so passionate about ensuring they show up with confidence online as they launch and grow their businesses with ease. 

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Want more magnetic marketing 
to go with your brand- spankin’- new website? 

Want more magnetic marketing to go with your brand- spankin’- new website? 

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We’ve got signature courses and on-demand masterclasses where you can steal ALLL our branding, design and marketing secrets. 

Create a visual brand with a color palette + logo you can’t wait to show off online


Write engaging + strategic copy for your website so you can connect with your visitors.


Curate a stunning, on-brand Instagram feed that aligns with your brand's vibe





Be bold enough to design your life.

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